We pride ourselves in providing a friendly, comfortable, caring and adaptable door-to-door service to the elderly and to anyone with a disability or limited mobility in the district which is an affordable and more personal alternative to public transport.

We asked some of our customers about COMMBUS and this is what they have said:

The COMMBUS is a lifeline that enables me to shop on a weekly basis, door-to-door, for a nominal fee. The escorts and drivers are all extremely friendly, helpful and caring.

Mrs R: I would be lost without COMMBUS. Please continue to use it, we don’t want to lose it.

Mrs P and Mrs D: COMMBUS provides door-to-door service, very good for shopping, no walking or carrying heavy bags. A chance to meet new people and make friends. A most enjoyable day out. Plenty of places to go, drivers and escorts are lovely people, very helpful and friendly. Hope the COMMBUS keeps running for many more years, long may it continue.

Mrs B: COMMBUS means everything to me! I have enjoyed meeting the volunteer drivers and escorts and have made many friends during the years I have used it. It’s ideal for people who don’t or can’t drive. I have enjoyed all of the outings including Oakham and Gates Garden Centre, Dobbies Garden Centre and Armstrong Mills. Many thanks to all the volunteers – keep up the good work.

COMMBUS enables me to maintain my independence for shopping; gives me the opportunity to get to areas that are not accessible by service buses; offers me a choice of shopping areas and the ability to visit places, both midweek and at weekends, that I couldn’t otherwise get to.

COMMBUS is a social event too, getting to know people I wouldn’t otherwise meet.

Being picked up and dropped off at my own home is the most important part of the service for me.

Mrs W: All the drivers and escorts are extremely caring and friendly and I would be lost without this service.